Friday, 25 April 2014

Jewellery Spotlight: Brilliant Earth

I will officially be getting married in about a month, and as I move closer to my big day I look down at my ring every now and then, and can't believe I'm blessed to be marrying my best friend. It helps me get through the stress and politics in wedding planning. I believe a ring is a symbol of love; however, if we can choose to buy rings that are made of quality, clarity, conscience and a great story behind it, we should!

Today Brilliant Earth is launching their Windsor Collection!! As a jewellery company, they seek to provide the highest quality jewellery originating from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practices. Brilliant Earth also supports underdeveloped communities ravaged by the jewellery industry by donating a share of their profits. So if you're about to be engaged (come on most us know it's coming soon, just not when *smile*), tell your other half about this luxurious collection. 

I particularly love the engagement rings, of course! I love the classic ring designs more and these designs are definitely classic with a retro flare! At Brilliant Earth there is no compromise between quality and conscience.
I for one absolutely love the collection. Maybe in several years if we upgrade my ring, I have my eyes on Brilliant Earth! My personal favorite: the Simple Retro Set (the last photo) View the entire collection (here). 

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StyleFash25 said...

I also love the last picture, very classic and simple. Although I hope I get a giant Really nice.

StyleFash25 said...

Love the last set too. Although I hope I get a rock slightly bigger.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding, can't wait to see pictures. All the best dear, praying for you.