Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Are You Your Bag?

I had to ask myself this question today. This weekend I went to North Carolina and Georgia to see my girls and when I was packing opted to leave my Fendi Mama Baguette that I got a couple of years ago and took two other bags instead. This morning while looking in my garage for goodies (my mothers clothing from the 80's) my father told me that my sisters car got broken into because she left her bag on the seat. For whatever reason my Fendi Bag popped into my head. 

Being that this occurred yesterday morning, I was almost confident that it couldn't be my bag as she would have told me. After searching my room like a manic then hers and finding no bag, a deep yet bitter despair came over me that my beloved bag was indeed gone. I called my sister at work to find out if she had my bag and she said yes, I then asked was it stolen she replied yes. I just hung up the phone.

I was pissed as I know how I scored the bag on sale for almost 60% off it's retail price, and used my hard earned money to purchase it. I was also pissed because she did not ask me, she was careless for leaving a bag in the car for 10-15 mins in plain sight, and did not inform me when it was stolen.

So as I sit here pissed looking for a Fendi outlet or online on Yoox for a replacement because it's several seasons old; I'm asking myself if I am my bag. And the sad answer at this moment is yes. I loved that bag, and I honestly now know that I need to not become too attached to material things and the value I give them. I'm upset as my bag collection really is lacking and instead of getting a new bag this season, I'll be searching for a replacement of the exact bag hopefully I'll find one (say Amen)... 

In the meantime, the store 'My Sister's Closet' is closed!

So are you your bag? or you shoes? or your clothes? If so, try to not place such big attachments to material possessions because it'll end up making you angry if you loose them or something happens to them. When you in the end can do nothing about it. Besides when we die none of these worldly things will follow us into heaven. Say RIP to my Fendi Mama Baguette Bag.


Tiwi Gondwe said...

I know how you feel and I know exactly what you means as well. My little sister always steals my stuff and I'm always ready to here how 'it wasn't her fault this time'

I hope you find your Fendi


Angela said...

Pretty your bag!
Have a nice day!
Angela Donava

StyleFash25 said...

Aww i know how you feel girl. The pain; been there.

Aspa siblings taking stuff, i did an entire post on my blog about it. Very annoying :-D

I hope you get a replacement.


Diary of a Fashion Enthusiast said...

This happens to me at least once a month...sometimes my things get stolen, missing or just disappear for long periods and turn up months after. Comes with having sisters, and I have 3. I'm really trying to learn not to be attached to stuff, but sometimes I think about how much I spent on them :(

Sorry about your bag, fingers crossed you'll find a replacement.

Toinlicious said...

Aww, hope you get it replaced. It's been a while. Hope you're ok