Saturday, 23 January 2016

Happy New Year: Where Have I Been?

Happy New Year Everyone,

It's been a LONG time since I wrote on this blog and I almost didn't come back. What made me come back to blogging is a few things. I wanted to share my experiences and journey with people and continue to take you along on my journey as I grow as a better woman and entrepreneur. It will be less about fashion and more about my experiences. I honestly don't shop as much as I used to as I am now focusing on paying off debt (student loans), building businesses, and growing in my career. I will post my occasional outfit post, though so don't fret. ..okay I lied. I do shop but mainly at COS during the sale season. not many unplanned purchases. Can I ever stop shopping? sigh.


1. I was in a rut. I am always trying to be jovial through the storms but I honestly was upset about my career goals and where I was going. on my 30th birthday I cried my eyes out because I felt I spent my life doing degrees and following my parents dreams only to be looking for a job with two honors degrees, and every door shut in my face. I absolutely HATED pharmacy. I appreciate the degrees and knowledge now as it helps me in my current role (I'll get into that later) and I met the best gift GOD could have every given me after life and my husband. I have learned more in more in life that there is not such thing of rejection but redirection!

2. I gained weight. I have gained a stone since getting married, and I admit it has been hard. But I noticed it doesn't matter. I have to love me for me no matter how much I loose or gain. A lot of people don't see it because I am tall, but my clothes don't lie, nor does my decreased stamina. But I've been making healthier choices and plan to loose that stone before children. On a side note, people who comment on peoples weight, (myself included). A person can always loose weight, but your comments shows your unhappiness. When they loose the weight you'll still be well...UNHAPPY.

3. I wanted to focus on my marriage and learn to understand myself, my husband and us together in this journey. We have taken time to list our short term and long term goals together, but most importantly what our families mission will be, and what we will instill in our kids.

To all of you that think just saying 'I DO' makes your marriage tighter than glue, you are naive. Stop believing the Instagram/social media hype. The reality is most people's first year of marriage (if you didn't already live together) is the hardest because you're learning each others rhythms. Then you have outsiders that think they can give input into your martial affairs. Keep your marriage between you and your husband. Pastors, aunties, friends and etc... don't tell them your business and don't take their advise if you did not ask for it. I literally have very FEW friends that I speak to about marriage and it's not me asking for advise it's me listening to their experiences and sharing mine. I don't disclose much to friends/associates anymore... unless their is something they can learn from my experiences.

I have also noticed the marriages where they seem to have it all together DON'T. NO ONE has it all together, every marriage has it's challenges and that's's called life. Marry the right person and you will be absolutely fine. I have an amazing husband and pray I continue to be a better wife. I'm not playing with my spiritual life anymore or my marriage. I'm about mine!

-to newly weds: I recommend reading 'The Power of a Praying Wife' or listening to it on youtube: here
-and watching the movie 'War Room'

4. I got a new job! In an industry I had no idea about in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Let's just say GOD really does know what he's doing. When you think that he has forgotten about all your praying. He hears your prayers and knows your heart. For anyone out there going through a rocky road with professional exams, job searches, and career progression. Learn from me, God got you just keep believing and using every No for fuel to get to your yes!!! I got my yes and I am very thankful.
*Also surround yourself with positive people. I had friends that would tell me to send my CV out 20-30 times a day and not give up. speaking about your issues doesn't make you look weak it is a way to seek support and advise...but again from the right people. everyone does not have your best interest at hand.

5. I had to eat a slice of humble pie. Think about it I had two degrees (chemistry and Pharmacy both honors), come from a great background, and worked hard (or so I thought)...yet I wasn't getting where I thought I deserved to be. Then I realized I don't deserve anything. I had to learn that I had to work harder, pay my dues and realize no success comes over night!

6. Last but not least I started another business venture with one of my best friends and lets say it hasn't been easy. In fact it's been VERY VERY VERY hard. Using suppliers in Nigeria is not easy, you loose money on testing samples and just when you get the right product blogger friends and associates that I thought would have my back don't. While people that I least expect to help do. Business is a tricky learning curve and boy have I been learning. But I am very happy about our mission statement for LeyeLesi and our vision as a brand. I'll be blogging about this on the blog as well. Shout out to all my friends Blogger and non-bloggers alike that have helped me. You are truly the fuel to my passion and I can not say thank you enough.

So I'm back! Older, Wiser, and Better...with still A LOT of growing to do.

Feels good to be back!

With Love,

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Lanvin Chic

As the sun shines more these days, my blessings have just been overflowing! I am so thankful to God right now (I am always thankful but now I'm just on cloud nine). He is amazing and I do not know what I would do without him. If any of you are reading this and are going through troubling times, just pray, work hard, trust God's timing and I assure you it will ALWAYS work out in your favor!!

I also love the spring, as the sunshine is an automatic picker upper for me. Once the sun comes out I feel I can do any and everything, it gives me superpowers!! My energy levels increase and I'm so optimistic. This why I believe I need to live in a sunnier climate! Or at least take 3-4 vacations a year to warmer countries, it's good for my soul!

With that being said. I have been wearing the heck out of this Blue COS coat. It literally goes with everything. The sun may be shinning but it's still a little cold in Edinburgh so this coat is the perfect addition to any outfit I wear. A pop of colour and a chic cut to make me feel awesome! Plus I'm getting my monies worth! *wink wink*
 These Lanvin Sneakers are so comfortable! It's like walking on air...literally!!!
Outfit Details:
COS Blue Coat similar from COS (here)
Zara RW 2014 Leggings 
Zara RW 2013 City Bag similar (here)
Zara Drapped Blouse similar (here) + (here)
Lanvin High Top Sneakers similar (here) + (here) love these: (here)
Kenneth Jay Lane Ram Cuff Bracelet embellished version (here)
ZFSowho Etsy Handmade Brass Oversized Ring (sold out)

What item in your closet do you wear constantly at the moment?

Photographer: Andrew Wright  
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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Capetown Spring

It's Officially Spring!!! The weather was amazing on Easter Sunday! However, this week while the sun continues to shine brightly the temperatures have dropped again. I pulled this Cape Coat out my closet (I honestly forgot I had it) and wore it with these Open Toe Primark Boots (I forgot I had these too! Sad, I know!!) I bought these open toe boots almost 5 years ago for £20.00. Why doesn't Primark make good quality heels like this any more? 
Outfit Details:
Reiss Cape Coat Similar (here) + (here)
COS Sheer Blouse
Banana Republic Martin Skinny Trousers
Gucci Boston Bag gently used (here) +new 2015 (here)
Primark Open Toe Boots love these (here), (here), + (here)
Zara Faux Fur Stole 
Kenneth Jay Lane Ram Cuff Bracelet embellished version (here)
Topshop Oversized Pearl Statement Ring love this! (here)

I hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend and stuffed yourself silly with Easter Eggs and Good Food!!!

Photographer: Andrew Wright  
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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Accessories Edit: Marni SS2015

Marni's SS and Resort 2015 Jewellery is simple, yet very captivating. The combination of perplex, wood, wooden beads, rope and brass give the pieces an expected yet welcoming 2D and 3D composition. My favorite pieces are the wooden bead and bracelets.
Spring 2015 is definitely a time to update your accessories and a Marni piece would be the perfect choice!!!

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Thrifted Coat

I cannot explain how much I wholeheartedly miss finding amazing coats in the thrift store in the DMV area. I scored this coat about three years ago from a thrift store off 450 in Maryland for around $10.00, if I remember correctly. Vintage in the UK is a bit different, I definitely cannot wait to be state side again and find amazing treasures in the various thrift stores around the DMV area... And since it's still cold in the UK..side eye.. It looks like we'll be wearing coats a little while longer.
Outfit Details:
Vintage Lapel Long Forest Green Coat similar (here) + (here)
COS Long Sleeved Top
H&M Midi Skirt (SOLD OUT) similar (here)
 H&M Chain Shoulder Bag similar (here)
Carven Bow Heels floral version (here)

Now to the outfit. I decided to wear one of my favorite skirts of the moment this a textured Midi H&M shirt with carven ankle bow heels and my long vintage coat. It reminds me of the television show 'Designing Women.' It was perfect as it is chic yet kept me warm against the Edinburgh winds and dropping temperatures. When will these winds return to the North Pole? I'm tired of wearing coats!

Photographer: Teresa Dickson of Glanceobservecapture 
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