Friday, 25 July 2014

First Day of Forever

My wedding day was beautiful over all, even though it started 3 hours late. I was a mixture of upset and sad. I couldn't change into my second dress, and the evening was very rushed. However, one things for sure, it was a great to be around family and friends and most importantly to marry the love of my life and best friend.

I opted to not do a weave and do a natural hair updo, as my husband hates weaves and I personally didn't want braids or twist for my wedding day hair. I was going to use Kinky Hair as attachments; however, my hair stylist advised against it because of the small fly away hairs. She stated that the small fly away hairs will show in photos, that I should go with kanekalon hair. I was reluctant at first but for the second trail she showed me once again that she knows her hair. I think it turned out great.

 All Nigerian Weddings End in Prayer, 'A family that prays together stays together.'
Hope you enjoyed the photos, and for all upcoming brides if I must give one word of advise it's: 'Don't stress about the mishaps that may occur, Enjoy YOUR Day and have fun with your spouse, family and friends!'

Photographer: Femi Paosin of Paosin Photography 
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